Kasey Rainbow and Just a Glass Australia Q&A

Kasey Rainbow X Just a Glass Australia

Kasey Rainbow

Kasey Rainbow is a star of the Australian art and design world who is the epitome of her own Live Bright ethos.
Based in Brisbane’s Bayside, Kasey brings her passion for colour to creating a unique style that oozes personality and radiates happiness. 


Tell us a little bit about Kasey Rainbow the artist? What do you love most about your job? 

My absolute favourite thing about my job is that I get to do what I love EVERY SINGLE DAY. I am so incredibly grateful to be where I am and try not to take it for granted!


You first worked with Just a Glass back in 2020 for the launch of the brand. What inspired you as you created the first six labels? 

It had been a goal of mine to create wine labels ever since I first started working as a textile artist. So getting the job with Just a Glass was a literal dream come true! It was made even better by the fact that I was allowed complete creative freedom. We took inspiration from native Australian flora and fauna, but gave them that bright and colourful Kasey twist!


This is the 7th wine label you have designed for Just a Glass Australia. What was the highlight of the Just a Glass Shiraz label? 

The highlight for me was actually the challenge of creating a label that stood out on its own, but that also fit in nicely to the existing label family. It’s always nice to be challenged creatively, as it helps me think outside the box.


What element of the label did you start with first? (Colours/themes/objects) 

The first (and most important!) part was to nail the colour palette. Each wine in the Just a Glass family has its own distinctive palette, and I needed to ensure that Shiraz’s palette was consistent with the others, but with a flair of its own. Once I had perfected that, the rest fell into place beautifully.


What type of research do you do before stating a new design? How do you get your creative flow happening? 

It varies with every job, but for the Just a Glass designs, I like to immerse myself in nature. Whether that be in a literal sense, or to just have inspiration photos up on my screen as I’m working. Looking at the beautiful colours that our native flora holds is enough to inspire anyone!


This label includes a very special Australian native bird, the Helmeted honey eater. not many people would know that this beautiful  native bird is a critically endangered. How do you think this label launch will help bring awareness to them and what we can do to help?

 It has already brought awareness, as I myself did not realise it was endangered. After researching and reading about it, I know have that knowledge to share with others. Customers of ‘Just a Glass’ will have that same experience, as the label is a talking point in itself. And what better way to learn new things than over a glass of wine!


Not that we have favourites… but out of all of the Just a Glass labels you have designed which label makes your heart sing? 

That’s like asking me to pick a favourite child! Whilst I love all of them, I do have a particular fondness for the Pink Moscato label. Not only because it is my favourite colour (and favourite wine!) but it was the very first label I created in the family, so it will always hold a special place in my heart.


As a brand we are inspired by Australian native fauna and flora and are working hard to ensure we make a positive impact on the environment around us. How important do you think it is that brands celebrate the Australian environment and find ways to nurture it?

 I think it is getting more important every year. So many Australians are seeking out that ‘Australian made’ label in a bid to support each other and give back to the land we are so lucky to live on. The thing I love most about these labels is that the create a talking point. And the more we talk about and bring light to the Australian environment, the better.


You are invited to a dinner party and can bring any three people past/present/future to enjoy just a glass with… who would those three people be?

 I only need one, and that would be Amber – the founder of Just a Glass. We have been working together for so long now, but have never had the chance to meet in real life. And we DEFINITELY deserve to enjoy ‘Just a Glass’ together.


Just a Glass Heathcote Shiraz


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