Our Wines

Just a Glass wines are produced from grapes sourced within Victoria, from the coast of the Mornington Peninsula and inland of Yarra Valley through to Rutherglen and the Murray Darling. Each variety is carefully curated to select the very best wine which, is then bottled in the Otway’s of regional Victoria.

Victoria boasts 21 wine regions, all diverse and unique. According to Wine Australia in Northwest Victoria, the region has a very temperate climate, almost like the Mediterranean. It has the Murray River to contribute to the climate, which supplies the perfect nourishment to vineyards. Melbourne and surrounding areas like the Yarra Valley are known for their cool climates, very different from the Northwest region. This region has longer and drier autumns. This climate has a tendency to produce sweeter, concentrated fruit flavours.

We are so proud to be working with the very best growers and producers in Victoria to bring the Just a Glass brand to life. We hope you enjoy it.