Moderation in drinking - Piccolo Wines Step-Up

Less Is More 🥂🍷

Wine sales and consumption increased considerably during the Covid-19 pandemic, and while most of the wines sales are still packaged in the standard 750ml format, alternatives are on the rise.

And it makes perfect sense.

What happens when you only want to consume one glass of wine and you live alone, or don’t share the wine preferences of others in your household.

It can be a waste to open an entire bottle, or you find you drink more than you want to.

We are finding the same with licensed venues who offer a broad range of beverages. Having half used bottles sitting in the fridge after a weekend trade, and the waste that comes with it as they get poured down the sink.

Then there is the consumers who have been increasingly concerned with health and alcohol consumption looking for ways to drink in moderation. Small-format bottles — whether you call them splits, half-bottles, demis, or piccolos — offer a great alternative.

Just a Glass Australia prides itself on providing premium Victorian wine in piccolo format, sustainably produced - bottled by solar power and vegan friendly. 🍷

With seven premium varieties available in 200ml format- we offer a wine-by-the-glass experience that helps locally grown.


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