Our Story


Our story

Premium wine curated for the lovers of just a glass

Join the journey from paddock to glass

Sometimes we enjoy savouring a glass of quality wine. Not a whole bottle. And often we’d like to enjoy a selection of premium wines, not just one grape variety.

 Just a Glass Australia was inspired by this very idea - producing premium local wines in single serve bottles. It’s an excitingly different drinking experience that lets wine lovers enjoy the labour of love that goes into producing local wines - one glass at a time.

 Winemaking is a passionate craft: sourcing the best local grapes and producing quality wine full of character. Just a Glass Australia is proud to work with the very best producers in Victoria. All our wines are vegan and low preservative, and we’re fortunate to work with an amazing team of vignerons and winemakers.

Meet the founder: Amber Duggan

Amber Duggan is no stranger to the land that produces our premium wines. Growing up on a farm in the Victorian Otway region, Amber remembers learning valuable lessons of nurturing the land and appreciating its produce. With her family’s long agricultural history, fuelled by passion for local grown produce, she was inspired to bring her idea to fruition. She decided to bring to life a product that showcases Victorian winemaking and offers wine lovers a curated wine-by-the-glass experience.


Amber’s connection to the winemaking process started as a teenager, where she worked on weekends at a neighbouring vineyard, among the winemaking team. Working in the bottling room she grew fascinated by the process – while her young hands made quick work turning bottles, her ears became attuned to the winemaker’s discussions about their craft. Her palate and appreciation for wine tasting came much later, but the fire had already been lit.


And in 2020, Just a Glass Australia was born – a celebration of Victoria’s grape-growing regions, catering for those who appreciate a glass of quality wine. 


Just a Glass Australia


 Supporting Australian owned and Australian grown

We’ve created a distinctly Australian product that brings wine from paddock to glass. Each grape variety is carefully curated from across Victoria to produce the very best wine - from Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Valley, Rutherglen and Murray Darling regions. Then it’s made and bottled locally in the Otways, by a trusted local team of specialists.

 Just a Glass Australia works with the very best Australian talent throughout production – from the grape sourcing and winemaking to the artistic design. Every element is Australian made. We’re particularly proud to work with renowned Australian artist Kasey Rainbow. She has captured the Australian essence of our products through her vibrant designs featuring native flora and fauna.


 What is vegan wine?

Given wine comes from grapes, some people wonder why wine isn’t naturally vegan. It’s due to the method of clarifying the wine - a process called ‘fining’. The most commonly used fining agents are derived from animal products: casein (a milk protein), albumin (egg whites), gelatin (animal protein) and isinglass (fish bladder protein). When these processing aids are used, the wine is no longer vegan.   Today, many winemakers either allow the wines to naturally settle or use clay-based fining agents such as bentonite, or activated charcoal, which means no animal product has been used in the fining process. Such processing agents are efficient at fining out the unwanted proteins, and the wine remains vegan and vegetarian friendly.  


Just a Glass Australia is proudly Australian made and owned, curated for lovers of just a glass.