Corporate Gifting For All Budgets

You want your gift to be just perfect. A way to say thank you, reward success and celebrate milestones.

Just a Glass Corporate is a wonderful and convenient way to send a unique and enjoyable gift to those you want to reward.

Just a Glass Australia gifting with a difference:

We have packages for all budgets.

The COVID Effect

No one can argue the enormous impact of COVID-19. Lockdowns, work from home restrictions and limited home visitor caps have increased feelings of loneliness amongst Australians. Working remotely in particular has been the impetus for increased corporate gifting – both on a client and an employee level. 35% of companies reported an increased frequency of gifting giving, for two reason: 1) to keep their teams engaged and 2) to maintain connection with their customers. 

The COVID Effect 

Being cut off from family or friends, from celebrations and mourning has meant people are looking for ways to show their love more than ever before. The fact is we get a release of dopamine when giving or receiving gifts, which really shows that gift-giving creates joy and a feeling of connection.” – Amber Duggan, Just A Glass Founder


Find out more about our corporate gifting options- starting from $29.

Corporate Gifting with Just a Glass Australia 

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