Corporate Gifting

You want your gift to be just perfect. A way to say thank you, reward success and celebrate milestones

Just a Glass Corporate is a wonderful and convenient way to send a unique and enjoyable gift to those you want to reward.


Amber Duggan- Just a Glass Australia

"The sentiment around gift giving from 2019 vs 2020 or even 2021 remains the same, however the increase due to the pandemic only highlights the challenges people have faced emotionally and mentally during this difficult time. Being cut off from family or friends, from celebrations and mourning has meant people are looking for ways to show their love more than ever before. The fact is we get a release of dopamine when giving or receiving gifts, which really shows that gift giving creates joy and a feeling of connection. 

As an all Australia made and owned premium piccolo wine brand we have such a broad range of customers from people gifting to loved ones as a surprise and delight at their door, to corporates sending care packages for Friday night zoom drinks.

Our Just a Glass Curated wine box would be one of our most popular as a gift option as it includes matching tasting notes for each wine including pairing and history of Australian wine. It is an experience, one that is shared and one that has been enjoyed across the country especially during lockdown. "


Corporate Gifting

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